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200x100x4 cm Sue Brandon Tatami - price:


24.000 Ft+ taxes = 30.480 HUF
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Tel.:     0036-20/9820-558

In case of ordering bigger amunts (above 50 m 2), prices can be further discussed.

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Sue Brandon Tatami 200x100x4 cm



Sue Brandon Tatami 200x100x4 cm

For regular customer (unrelated to nr. Of pieces)


Tatami renovation 200x100x4 cm (only Sue Brandon Tatami)




    Tatamis can be taken over-packed in protective foil, prepared for transportatinon in Vác (Map)

2600 Vác, Deres utca, ipari park

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If need be we can arrange the shipping. Shipping prices can vary depending ont he distance, quantity of the merchandise, and shipping deadline.

Production: in case of 20 pieces, 10 workdays. Higher nuber of pieces might need more time, it needs discussion.

Warranty: 12 month in case of proper usage, which is included int he warranty card.

We only accept written orders, which can be placed by or by fax:0627/304-368. By sending the filled in order data-sheet.